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rGO or GO/TiO2 (P25) or ZnO complex, depending on the application.
Improved data
In the study of degradation of phenol by TiO2/graphene composite photocatalyst, it was found that the visible light photocatalytic activity of TiO2/graphene was 8 times that of P25. This is because the introduction of graphene improves the charge transfer and the separation of photogenerated carriers, enhances the light absorption intensity and the light absorption range, and improves the adsorption property to pollutants. In addition, when the content of graphene in ZnO/graphene complex is 2%, the activity of complex is increased about 4 times compared with pure ZnO.
TiO2 band gap of 3.2eV, can only absorb 5% of UV light, the contrary, GO has a wealth of functional groups, not only showed high reactivity, and each layer of graphene can absorb 2.3% of visible light, the composite can make complex in Visible under the catalysis. In the nucleation process of TiO2 particles, GO/TiO2 complex had higher binding activity with hydroxyl and carboxyl groups and lower binding activity with carboxyl groups. It was further found that the GO photodegradation efficiency of GO/TiO2 complex was greatly improved.
Visible light catalysis, metal oxide catalysis, metal catalysis, electrocatalysis, thermal catalysis and the like.