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The electrocatalytic activity is enhanced by supporting iron or cobalt by nitrogen-doped graphene or graphene.
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Nitrogen-doped graphene has good redox electrocatalytic activity. The synthesis of porous graphene by nitrogen-doped graphene, the fabrication of in-plane pores on the sheets and the etching with KOH provide more active edge atoms, easier access to the electrolyte, greater ion-space capacity, electrolyte Spread and move faster.
The size of the supercapacitor depends on the specific surface area, the pore size and the conductivity of the material. The specific surface area and pore size of graphene can be enhanced by chemical activation, such as alkali treatment. Its conductivity can be increased by doping, which in turn increases the carrier concentration by making holes (positive charges) or electrons. In addition, the bandgap of graphene should be 1.4-1.9eV in the solar cell field, the transmittance can be graphene bandgap reduced to 1.2eV, through hydrogenation can even be increased to 2.54eV, through the boron-doped graphene P-type semiconductor can also be made.
Lithium batteries, super capacitors, fuel cells, solar thin film batteries.