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GO / rGO complex or graphene sponge, depending on the use of different occasions.
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The adsorption capacity of GO to Pb2+ is 800mg / g, much higher than that of activated carbon of 60-120mg / g. At the same time, GO has a strong regeneration capacity, after repeated adsorption / desorption cycle, the adsorption capacity decreased by only 5-10%. In addition, graphene sponge adsorption of formaldehyde greater than 100mg / g, activated carbon than 0.0076mg / g is better.
The large specific surface area of ​​graphene can be used to support a large number of various molecules and has a very high adsorption capacity, which makes graphene great potential for catalyst loading and wastewater adsorption and purification treatment. It has unique surface adsorption properties And π-π adsorption characteristics of organic pollutants containing aromatic benzene ring has a high adsorption rate and capacity.
Oil adsorption, toxic gas adsorption, dye adsorption, organic pollutants adsorption, heavy metal ion adsorption.