Partners of Industry chain

Zhejiang University

Graphene membrane project promotion.

Fangyuan Oasis Technology CO., Ltd.

Development, production and application of energy-saving thermal insulation coatings..

Kelong Group

Having new energy, refrigeration systems and supporting, intelligent environmental protection equipment industry..

Henan Kaixiang Fine Chemical CO., Ltd.

Research and development of organic chemical raw materials and fine chemical products..

China Mobile Communications Group Co.,Ltd

Mobile communication operators for GSM, TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE standard networks..

Carbon Society of Taiwan
Carbon Materials Academic Research and Related Applications.
Industrial-Academia Consortium on Powder and Porous Materials
Research and related applications of powder and porous materials.
Handan Textile CO., LTD

Processing, manufacturing and sales of textiles, clothing and home textile products.

HeFei University of Technology

Cooperative development in graphene alloy products. 

CNATY International Investment

Graphene industrialization landing.

Taiwan Textile Research Institute
Graphene functional textile development.
China Huijin Finance Group
Graphene capital operation.
Tsinghua University, Hsinchu
Graphene semiconductor project development.
Sichuan University
Graphene energy storage project development.
Feng Chia University
Graphene inorganic project development.
Ming Chi University of Technology
Graphene biomedical project development.
Hefei Vigon Materials Technology Co., LTD.
Graphene film project development.
Beijing Huanuanjia Energy
Graphene electric film project marketing.
Qingdao Haida Haixi Materials CO., LTD
Graphene load technology research and development.
Gongqing City Government
Graphene industrialization cooperation.
LausDeo Corporation
Graphene Energy Project Development.
Chung Yuan Christian University
Graphene anode material project development.
Chia-Nan University of Pharmacy and Science
Graphene membrane project development.
Nanchang Hangkong University
Graphene plating project development.
Legendaire Technology CO.,LTD.
Graphene membrane market promotion.
DC New materials Science & Technology
Graphene coating project development.
Graphene Infoemation
Graphene industry information platform.
Better Technology CO., LTD.
Graphene barrier project promotion.
UMI electric CO., LTD.
Graphene alloy cable project development.
Carbonexplore CO., LTD.
Graphene coating project promotion.
NELinked CO., LTD.
Graphene energy information platform.
Xcaihul CO., LTD.
Graphene polymer information platform.
Kuopont CO.,LTD

Functional powder coating production

Henan Billions Chemicals CO.,LTD.

Titanium dioxide, zirconium products, such as production and sales

Matrass C-graphene

Graphite resource development, from resource exploration, design, technology, engineering and construction

Shanghai Outsourcing Promotion Center

Comprehensive service outsourcing industry to promote trading platform

Xincailiao CO., LTD

New materials industry research and related consulting.