2017-03-03 Sorry for the late arrival of allightec - #14. The huge breakthrough of Graphene powder cooling paint.

In front of my heart is surging, in addition to the successful operation of the city, can be held as scheduled graphene application technology will be outside. In the conductive plastic on the kneading technology breakthrough, in one fell swoop the chip resistance from 104 ohm/□ to 100 ohm/□, used to do anti-mask wire outside, that is: the real conductive polymer has been done with the metal and so on conductivity. Unique again and again reported that the powder coating from the second batch of 8.3W / mK and upgrade to 33.3W / mK.



Talk about the mechanism of heat, we talk about the calculation of this way. First, we measured the specific heat capacity of the graphene / epoxy resin by DSC to 1146J / kgK @25℃,

DSC 20170303

and obtained the following three data for spraying on the aluminum plate with the Netzsch Laser Thermal Conductivity Analyzer.

 K3844 3 in plate 20170303

 K3844 4 in plate 20170303

 K3844 5 in plate 20170303


In the heat transfer analysis, α = K ╱ ρ.C. (α: thermal diffusivity, K: thermal conductivity, ρ: density and C: specific heat capacity), samples are K3844-3 ╱ K3844-4 ╱ K3844-5. And then we introduce the thermal resistance formula: R = R1 + R2 = L1 ╱ K1 + L2 ╱ K2, followed by the formula into: 140 ╱ 165.0 = 40╱K3 + 1000╱196.66, then K3 = 33.3 W / m * K. Compared to the thermal diffusivity to know K3844-5 close to the value of aluminum.
You may not know how exciting this result is, which means that the polystyrene powder coating of Allightec is close to the heat dissipation effect of the metal, and the boundaries of the polymer will be redefined.



2017-02-04 Sorry for the late arrival of allightec - #13. The new development of graphene wire.
Even in full swing in March and June of the drama, product development, or a few research groups continue to carry out, always want to give you not only to see the lively, more insight, accept the era of graphene industrialization Has arrived.
This time or to hear a lot of non-flyering graphen information, in addition to more determined in Jiangxi Gongqing City published to fight this chaos of the determination, but also in this time to find a strategic partner, will be more quickly so good The results extended to the provinces, please wait patiently, we have come! Back to see Zhiyang through the road, come too early to come! This time in Beijing for a week, and partners is a year and a half just like Zhiyang contact but no progress, but two months ago, the two companies will let the boss through the phone, decided to "strong combination" for China really do Something.


This is also talked about gravel coaxial cable is the same, together with the sample is the third time, and the first is 2015/1/16 completed in Dongguan, then know the high conductivity, can effectively improve the attenuation and anti-cover Cover, but then use the chip resistance 10e0Ω conductive ink, the second processing more cumbersome, the focus is no customer as a motive. And the second sample in 2017/1/11 actually over two years, the other time the success of the third sample but also in 2017/2/11 to achieve.
Friends and friends intuitively found that we develop faster, and here to a technical tips open! From the previous article readers of the message found that there are a small number of people think that Zhiyang or material business, in fact, in December 2014 after returning from Changzhou already know how to do graphene industrialization. I mentioned earlier there are several advantages:
First, more than 200 kinds of graphene materials;
Second, by the customer to provide the substrate by our graphene to change;
Third, the cost per gram less than RMB.0.2.


But in order to increase the gap with competitors, I know in 2015 to the "whole plant output" mode, that is, the so-called turnkey solution. In fact, I was just want to do the first time in China Merck, not just the material, even the equipment and firmware should be a grasp. To this end, I decided to work with the industry's factory development, and then work with them to develop the second processing of graphene products.


This motive is also my motivation to start doing gravel in 2013. I started to do graphene is also looking for the middle of Taiwan's graphen scholars, the results are not responsible for equipment and raw materials, light writing recipe table will be 1 million yuan, I think how could earn back, simply do it yourself. Luck good for two months to make a single layer of graphene, just Shanghai has a home heat paste to provide the silicone oil to me, I put this material to join the thermal conductivity, even no side of the multi-layer graphene added to the performance of silicon oil , This time I was Mongolia! But I decided to knock out his head, as long as the other side in the terminal than I am good, I was to get the upper reaches of different graphene preparation process, so now there are at least seven ways.


Next, we will show this new model in Gongqing City, the customer with us will not destroy the original production line, as long as the set of our second time to a secondary processing equipment, even graphene materials are standardized. Of course, the two sides in the beginning to discuss a good price, we start on the basis of these needs to determine the cost of the substrate!
When it comes to the third test of the wire, I divided it into "attenuation" and "anti-mask", one is that the two functions can be used in different levels; , No test data I will not nonsense. This time the use of four different components of graphene / PE / EVA polymer composite material, some readers wonder why the selection of this substrate, the reason is simple: master in the civil. This material is the existing product is more suitable for wire material, like I bought Dupont TPE to try, the results were the boss laugh: Palace you always layman, TPE so expensive even if the results are good, customers also spend no money.


This thinking is to fly! We are not research institutions, and then not necessarily every industry knows the huge technical and market details, only to find the partners to reduce the error! And then tell you that the industry's information, he used the Xiamen Zhang's single layer of graphene, expensive and no use, alas! Do not mention worth mentioning, recently did not see him again in the company's news photos.
Test conditions: length of 1 m, the test frequency of 100kHZ-8.5GHZ. Using three groups of EVA + PE conductive particles a total of four sets of wire specifications as described above:

A group for the E-36-41-G03 surface resistance of 20Ω / CM OD5.0, the structure: conductor + PE foam insulation + graphene conductive masterbatch (in) + PVC ground + PVC outside. To the processing technology, the group of particles flow coefficient of 22.8, the effect of good extrusion surface smooth ductility is good, graphene layer and the core layer with the material is not easy to separate the separation of PE material. Although the core line is hard, but it is estimated that can still easily through the swing test of the international standard, it can be speculated that graphene after the increase in the hardness of the masterbatch toughness, post-forming process easy. In the range of 100kHZ-8.5GHZ, the lowest point fades in 48dB / 5GHZ, the available frequency band is very large, the average attenuation is about 20-30dB, the impedance value is 123.3Ω. This group of wire composite performance in the four lines ranked second, according to the performance of this group of formula to determine such as cost-effective enough, can be used as a quantitative reference direction.


B group for the E36-41-G02 surface resistance of 21Ω / CM OD5.0, the structure: conductor + PE foam insulation + graphene conductive masterbatch (in) + PVC ground + PVC outside. To the processing technology, the group of particles flow coefficient of 18.5, the extrusion effect is good but the surface roughness, ductility in general, graphene layer and the core layer with the PE material is not easy to separate. Core than G03 hard, but it is estimated that can still easily through the swing test of the international standard, can be speculated that the proportion of graphene and masterbatch ratio is different from the latter part of the molding process easy. In the range of 100kHZ-8.5GHZ, the lowest point fades in the range of 50dB / 6-7GHZ, the figure can be used in the range of 30-40dB, and the impedance value is about 30-40dB. no data. The overall performance of this group of wire in the four groups ranked fourth, according to the performance of this group of formula is not suitable as a production reference.


D group for the E-36-40% surface resistance of 7.36Ω / CM OD5.0, the structure is: conductor + PE foam insulation + graphene conductive masterbatch (in) + PVC ground + PVC outside. To the processing technology, the group of particles flow coefficient (0.53), the extrusion effect is good but the surface is smooth, high ductility can be thinner. Graphene layer and the core layer with the same material is not easy to separate. Core than G03 hard, but it is estimated that can still easily through the swing test of international standards, can be speculated that the proportion of graphene and masterbatch ratio design is completely different, post-forming process easy. In the range of 100kHZ-8.5GHZ, the lowest point fades in 40dB / 1-2GHZ, the graphics ups and downs are smooth, the available frequency band is extremely large, the average attenuation is about 20-25dB, the impedance value At 119.9Ω. This group of wire comprehensive performance in the four groups ranked first in the line, according to the performance of this formula can be used as high-end products or add products for the production of reference direction.


Due to the different design of the C-like sample structure, this is discussed separately. C group is E36-41-G03 + E-36-40%, the surface resistance is 20Ω / CM 7.36Ω / CM OD5.5, the structure is: conductor + (E36-41-G03) conductive rubber + PE foam insulation Layer + graphene conductive masterbatch (E-36-40%) was + PVC ground + PVC outside. This group of wire design is discussed with the factory after the addition, the main purpose is to see if it can improve the attenuation of the conductor. This idea stems from the continuation of the performance of the conductor with the alloy cable, the main function is to increase the transmission distance of wire and cable. From the current data point of view can be initially proved to use conductive plastic coating on the copper conductor, the use of electrical signal skin effect and conductive rubber coating to reduce the original conductor and insulating particles produced between the capacitance and inductance effect , It is possible to reduce the attenuation due to the length, and thus increase the signal transmission distance may be a feasible solution. Unfortunately, this test line is only 1 meter, the future will be in Dongguan factory to do this line of further testing.


According to the processing technology, the group of particles flow coefficient (0.53 and 22.8), the extrusion effect is good and smooth surface. E-36-40% ductility high pullable thin conductor layer fit, graphene layer and the core layer with the same material is not easy to separate the separation of the core, the core than the G03 hard, it is estimated that can still easily through the swing test of international standards, After the forming process easy. In the range of 100kHZ-8.5GHZ, the figure is smooth and the available frequency band is extremely large, the average attenuation is about 10dB, and the impedance value is 129.3Ω. It can be seen that the wire performance is very good. Performance Judgment This set of formulations can be used as a reference direction for future wire specification development.


What does this mean? For different customer needs to configure a different combination of materials, to meet the different combinations of materials must be matched with different combinations of graphene materials, and then through the mechanism to demonstrate that the sample at least three different levels of reduced attenuation of the product line. Why should i say that? Material with the processing technology is different, if you do not have these good materials, even if you imitate my routine can not do, not to mention, I have been leading at least three years of accumulation, coupled with the cost of the advantage, or else, I want to guide People on the product development copy short-term mentality, or I am looking for the same way to join the ranks of Zhiyang, which I still see very far.

2017-02-03 Sorry for the late arrival of allightec - #12. To meet the real arrival of China's graphene industry.
This year is the most comfortable year to me in nearly five years, because five years ago from my second venture so far, although around the way, but never deviated from the right path, finally the hard times are over. But also here we were formally declared to you: Allightec will lead the world into the era of graphene this year. May you guys think how can I feel so proud? Please be patient to listen to me.
I like everyone for the so-called domestic graphene experts feel puzzled, or that is to get some small laboratory results to speculation, or to their academicians on the title wanted to give advice on the graphene industry. In my opinion, these suggestions are nothing more than sit in a well and look at the heaven, do not go to understand the domestic graphene industry's ecology, if you ask me what is doing? I just want to hasten the commercialization of graphene technology, so that these experts shut up. In fact, the real hindered the industrialization of China's graphen development is these guys, just want to get government resources, why not from the market mechanism to think, if your graphene products make sense, the consumer's eyes are bright, how could policy not support you?
Therefore, Allightec decided in March this year, the results of like ducks swimming in the water in the past four years presented in front of people, not only graphene preparation process, and even secondary processing to graphene finished products to be released. Here first to illustrate a few strategic thinking to the core value of Allightec graphene platform:
First, all kinds of application technology requires different combinations of graphene materials, only a single process to meet the needs of various industries is not possible;
Second, we invite customers to provide the substrate, only to meet the various needs of the material "modified", does not change the customer's existing process, naturally reduce the customer into the graphene industry threshold;

Third, we will proceed further from the upstream raw materials, on the one hand from the current per ton of RMB.16 million down to RMB.50,000, the material portfolio from 200 to 300;

Fourthly, the construction of "China graphene valley" in various regions will be further combined with the market, the policy, the research group and the fund.

Fifth, through the "graphene industry alliance", "graphene Institute", "graphene industrial park" trilogy to implement the industrialization of graphene in China.
A lot of friends in China worry for me, and so the idea will be tempted to learn to go. I do not worry about this point, I often say that unless you have more than 200 species of graphene material, but also like us are squatting at the foundry to discuss the secondary processing technology for 3 years, plus you use three years to do every sample solidly, otherwise you can nevery catch up. And I did not tell you that even if they use three years to catch up with Allightec, three years we have developed to what stage? Let us continue to look down.

The conference og application technology will invite 300 guests to participate, will mobilize nearly 15 provinces covering the production and administration of all walks of life to Gongqing City in Jiangxi, to understand our leading position, is also expected to invite two television stations and ten network media to strengthen the report. At present, the preparatory work is carried out separately. The equipment from Taiwan has been shipped and can be completed before the commissioning ceremony at the end of February.




Media release commissioned a good friend Beijing zebra media planning, expert a shot let me amazing.




In addition, as the new website and corporate short film will be debut. Then you say that I come from the confidence, have the ability to call so many people to Jiangxi, this is nothing more than our graphene products more reliable, can be put into production directly, the scope of coverage: materials, livelihood, green energy and biomedical, almost all of the imagination of the products we can achieve.

 1 copy copy copy

2 copy

3 copy

4 copy


Of course, for the next five years, including planning, strategy and products have been laid out, and so the application of technology will be implemented one by one, I believe that these actions will make some so-called graphene experts quiet for some time.


2017-02-03 Sorry for the late arrival of allightec - #11. The breakthrough of Graphene lithium battery PP diaphragm in the mechanical properties.
The first batch of graphene⁄PP polymer made of diaphragm test pieces found that mechanical properties are limited. Hastened to coordinate the diaphragm maker in Yima city again to provide PP plastic sent to Taiwan for the second kneading, but also get a good response in good faith, the only biggest problem is the courier time to spend too long. I would like to sooner or later in a few projects to confirm cooperation, in the local production base and R & D center is a thorough solution.

The second batch in the trial when the use of graphene oxide, although the intrinsic mechanical properties of graphite than much difference, but think of functional base bond graphene and polymer should be a good way, this time were 0.1/0.5/1.0 Wt% to mix, in fact, RMB.0.8 per gram to 0.8 yuan to calculate the basic increase in less than the cost of the first batch of improvement in the tensile strength of less than 10%, or even elongation is also smaller, I think the second batch There must be better results.

Wang Zhengjun (2015) pointed out that the tensile strength and impact strength of GO / PP composites were 37.7 MPa and 4.4 kJ / m, respectively, when the mass fraction of filler GO was 0.1 wt%. , Compared with the base PP were increased by 17% and 5.8%. Yesterday I received a customer order for the second batch of GO / PP replicas for the mechanical properties of the test data sorted as follows, we show through the graphene reoxidation of graphene, than the traditional redox method of graphene in the mechanical performance better (See Table 1). The point is that our costs are still lower. 

11 copy

These two batches of PP plastic provided by the customer are Korean oil H301f, melt index: 2.8 ± 0.4g / 10min, Tg = 140 ± 5 ℃, DSC peak temperature = 168 ± 3 ℃. And PP processing conditions for the 220 ~ 230 ℃, die back pressure = 40kg. And the first batch of graphene / PP complex we find professional mixing masterbatch factory foundry, send the film into the factory made of test pieces, but poor data. So I really doubt Kuilla (2010) with an average diameter of 1μm graphene melt mixing method to enhance the PP substrate strength of 133% of the argument. I use 20μm in addition to the same, the other are the same! Figure 1 is the first batch of GE / PP test pieces completed at 2016/8/26, Table 2 is the first batch of test data. The diafiltration threshold was 0.5 wt%.



Some scholars have suggested that the sheet-like rigid graphene will limit the polymer chain, making slippage difficult, is the main reason for the increase in modulus; but too much added to the disorder caused by dispersion in the polymer, affecting the polymer chain arrangement, but Decrease in crystallinity. In addition to the second batch into the addition of graphene oxide, we try 0.1/0.5/1.0 wt% try.

The second batch of graphene made of GO/PP composite to let me out of the dead, we are in the preparation of grained graphene than graphene more complex times. The graphene is acidified after 2 hours to obtain a functional group, but it is still water after lyophilization because the graphene oxide is soaked by the -OH group and has to be redone again. But how to stack the oxide graphene block crushed into powder, we bought a Taiwan homogenizer, the results of graphene too tough, the blade is blunt, and finally completed 100 grams of graphene oxide powder.

Second, in the mixing masterbatch to go through the water to cool, the results in the 0.1wt% of the masterbatch even water vapor, although only 2 kg, I had to spend some time to dry, the results occurred as shown in Figure.2. The appearance of the glass, but also after the detection of mechanical is not bad.


I frankly told the customer to explain this phenomenon, also asked him to multi-point sampling test, last night he provided a total of 26 points on-line testing, statistics, two batches of test results in Table 1, in the show graphene composite material in the mechanical performance In the graphene composite.

Considering the painful preparation of oxidized graphene, I have thought of a more cost-effective process and are preparing for the seventh-generation dry process afterwards, and if feasible, the combination of Zhiyang's graphene material will be increased from the existing 200 breaths to More than 300 models, the cost will be reduced to RMB.0.05 per gram, than I now buy conductive carbon black is also cheaper, you say, the experts of those who say graphene industrialization have to wait a few years, is not it mad?
2017-02-03 Sorry for the late arrival of allightec - #10. The breakthrough of Graphene powder cooling paint again.
In July, we talked about adding 5 wt% graphene to epoxy resin could up to a thermal conductivity of 5.0 W / mK. Such a good product was originally made for a graphite graphene factory in Changzhou, the results because they are relatively close to another powder factory, I think there is some cooperation in the risk of technology leakage, so decisively stop the two sides to send the follow-up Like test.

Can not stop it! We by visiting customers in Henan to provide two large enterprises to do the sample, in August to do a good job of graphene powder coating sent to each other to verify the results of the situation again and again. These two are not professional paint manufacturers, the beginning of the paint sent to the school testing, turned out to be polymer crushed powder after the thermal conductivity, God! Should not be sprayed on the aluminum plate to measure the final thermal conductivity? So, even the manufacturers have not seen non-professional areas have a profound study. At this stage there is a customer is not very positive to no longer follow their progress.

Should be able to work properly? The results of the school even reflect their purchase of the test equipment is measured thermal insulation material, the maximum thermal conductivity can not exceed 2, it is really bumpy! I have the opportunity to move, so be it, you first spray the paint on the aluminum, but also the way to spray your best paint in the same paragraph aluminum, and empty aluminum sent me here to test, I just want to know whether the other side of the application process Consistent with us. It was sent to Taiwan in October.

I miss the three types of test pieces to the research institutions to wear Chi thermal conductivity test, the results need to correct the instrument, I am afraid that short-term can not be carried out. God, who am I provoking? Quickly to the three-inch tongue to help friends, he said only returned to the original German test, which is a good thing, this approach is more objective, third party notarized information is correct. 12/13 day attached to the other test data attached, anxious I immediately calculated the graphene coating with the customer ceramic coating in the thermal conductivity of the difference.

Figure.1 customer ceramic thermal coating thermal conductivity data.


Figure.2 Thermal conductivity data for graphene thermal coatings.


Figure.3 Aluminum thermal conductivity data.



It can be seen that the improvement of the Z-axis direction is limited, but it is very impressive in the X-Y axis. We are easy to calculate the list.

 20161213 copy

Then, we introduce the thermal resistance formula: R = R1 + R2 = L1 ╱ K1 + L2 ╱ K2, followed by the formula: 140 ╱ 105.94 = 40 ╱ K1 + 1000 ╱ 196.66, then K graphene = 8.5 W ╱ m * K. Likewise, K ceramic = 7.1 W / m * K.

The first batch of thermal conductivity is 5.0 W / m * K, this time again doubled, you say how do I not overjoyed it! However, these are a piece of cake, Zhiyang has been in the production of graphene production equipment to the Communist Youth League, the first quarter of next year if you have the opportunity to see our company, you can see from the powder production to two or three processing Continuous production line. Who said to 2020 can be done graphene industrialization, we have long been done, but we choose to do nothing low.



2017-02-03 Sorry for the late arrival of allightec - #9. To public the roadmap of graphene application technology of allightec.
Some media attent recently appeared a lot of graphene topics, there is the media to ask my views. In fact, each process has its advantages and disadvantages, the focus is that you find the material and application technology matching relationship did not? And its boast that monolithic graphene can be good, I just tell the truth can see the real chapter, that is, this process as early as in 2002 has applied for a patent, but why has not come up with application products? Why did some people in 2012 as the right way group executive director and vice chairman, set up in 2014, Lianyungang Road, gravel application technology research institute, but in the same year for some reason to leave the group. The cooperation of the South China gravel company in Taichung in 2013 announced that it can produce 300 metric tons of graphene, but it is curious that the past three years in Taiwan have no application of the product, the factory is listed in Taiwan (Sanhuang Chemical) announcement At present, polystyrene products to send large customer verification, 2016 prejudgment can not create revenue.

Ironically, the same source of graphene material, suddenly in Huaxi energy speculation topic, the light to sell monolithic graphene can be in just four months can be shipped to China 50 metric tons, to create revenue of RMB. 250 million. What is this "affiliated transaction"? Is the Chinese so cheat? Anyway, we will wait and see, see how they justify it. 

In fact, the previous article said two key points, first, with a kind of graphene material can not be developed everywhere; second, the current graphene industry is the so-called single layer is sacrificing the excellent physical properties of the eye, many products less than And the cost is not cheap. Here we are a bit chuckle, as early as 2015 we have confirmed the development of graphene application technology blueprint, lists the twenty-six kinds of application technology, this also developed a variety of dry preparation process, until the seventh generation of technology officially debut, Allightec CO., LTD will be far aside opponents, and truly lead the world's leading position in graphene technology.41


We can see that we are in the graphene polymer composite material has matured, but other areas because there is no relevant market companies favor, so has been stagnant. But I did not idle this time at least read thousands of documents and patents to further technology and application technology to be a link.



Seeing next year will be published Zhiyang technology in the application of graphene the results of technology, I spent some time finishing more details of the graphene product planning, which is what we want to give the gift of the whole of China. Then I can concentrate on the practice of this event, as these demons and ghosts on the matter by them, anyway, they can flicker the public time is gone.












Did not think of it, graphene can make all the products! This bit asked me to ask my graphene-related journalists very straightforward, because graphene so "Guards", so do not believe that you can make so many applications! In fact, I just according to the theory to design graphene combination, because I have plenty of graphene material database, plus I am familiar with the way the market processing, so I can tell you loudly: graphene era has come.

2017-02-03 Sorry for the late arrival of allightec - #8.Graphene will soon be glowing in China.
October ran from the mainland just ten days back to Taiwan, this time also ran a few cities in four provinces, I finally put down the burden of the heart, officially announced to you the era of China's graphene industry officially started running! No matter how many places recently issued the establishment of graphene production, application base, I have it as a "joke" point of view, will focus on the center of Allightec CO., LTD (China) in the first quarter of next year, a national publication, Magic, chaos anyway. Admitted that through the three days of hard road on the development of China's graphene is disappointed! Not only graphene industry do not seek progress, including local governments, listed companies to scientific research units are impetuous. Can invest a lot of money but no effect, you can let the concept of graphene goods speculation to become "monster stock", long-term development of the whole of China is a major injury.

The past six months I participated in a number of national forums to do the speech, when I was busy with a sample that Allightec how the world, now everyone is boiling, and even the same as the speaker with me three times, Asked me a graphene characterization of the problem after convinced, we agree that there are unique. After the meeting I mostly surrounded by the audience asked how do I do? Want to cooperate with me, and even help me. But I have not been deceived, only know the two hard words: first, graphene material is supporting the application of technology to sell graphene material is self-suicide; second, we all know the development of graphene application The importance of technology, which has nothing to do with your "much capacity" graphene, and you have "how many" graphene related. But unfortunately the real experience of this meaning is really not much. Figure 1. Military and civilian dual-use carbon material forum speech scene graphene products show.


This month I began to decline to participate in all kinds of speeches, because only I am a person is hard to do the graphene industry, most of them still talk about the concept, how to prepare graphene, but a graphene products are not out. Why bother? Has been mocking graphene industrialization but also a few years, do not care about Zhiyang has helped customers develop more than 40 kinds of graphene products, soldiers under the city is still self intoxicated. This is the advice of the graphene industry.


In addition, for these speculation graphene stocks listed companies are more shameless, even they want to contact me also thank not sensitive. Do not think that they now have money to want to play "mergers and acquisitions", who has the technology and materials is the boss, you have no technical level, you can do?

As for the local government is also the victim, China has invested in graphene most active, but now what? Harm to other local government lack of confidence, coupled with changes in the political atmosphere, the prevalence of real graphene and then put into the industrialization, which also be unworthy. However, it is no wonder that these officials, they are afraid of silicene industry fans fear, blame can only blame ourselves not live up to expectations!


The first few articles mentioned Allightec from 2014 began to contact graphene, we have spent only 5 million yuan has been the world's first. The real trick is actually the industry as their own "Vocation" to do, there is no production equipment we have outsourcing, no R & D team we do production and cooperation, there is no testing equipment, we asked the school to help. We focus on the development of various types of graphene materials, the integration of the market and the planning of production processes, the most cumbersome and most costly things entrusted to the task force implementation, and then based on the results of the pipeline to develop products, the first assembly of these resources and government and funds Strategic cooperation platform, back to support these task groups to create a win-win situation.


This involves: raw material preparation  secondary processing  application technology. In order to stabilize the confidence of the cooperation pipeline, we ask the other side to provide the substrate we have to deal with, and then provide samples verified by the other side, of course, we have already confirmed before the cost of the problem, when the two sides to sign a strategic cooperation framework, we can immediately to materials, Equipment, the whole plant output floor, then the framework of cooperation between the two sides to integrate funds and policies is much easier.


In contrast to the past, graphene industry is how to play? Not the traditional "investment" model, that is, local governments to raise financial funds to build graphene industrial park, with preferential policies to attract all kinds of industries into the graphene park. Is there a problem with the lack of "technology"? The role of the government is not a wealthy boy, your graphene products in the market is not competitive, even if you lose investment, the government should follow the funeral. However, the industry also had the words, if the government is not the endorsement of the entire graphene industry chain integrity, how can I put the money to the water to throw? It seems that everyone is in a "dead end"!


It is through this bit by bit, I put down the speech and the way around the project docking, with the establishment of the Ganjiang New Area after the Zhiyang graphene as the core industry opportunities, I decided to no longer like the past monks like to promote graphite I used to attract the parties to join the platform of Zhiyang China, which I was temporarily prepared to visit the Ministry of Science and Technology booth.


Figure 2. Allightec CO., LTD (China) graphene products show.


Figure 3. Graphene 5 kinds of dry preparation process composition of more than 200 kinds of materials, can be used in 26 categories.


Figure 4. The substrate is made by the customer after mixing and secondary processing made of graphene "intermediate.


Figure 5. Processed into graphene products according to the customer's existing processes and specifications. Planning into materials, people's livelihood, energy, health four categories.


You may not know that there are many products here as early as 2014 on the successful development. And these products line open, but even any domestic graphene industrial park, and even the British University of Manchester are hopeless! But there are a lot of people do not know the Chinese people have done this and so on, so we fully in the first quarter of next year to achieve the world to see.


Have a friend reminded me: technology leading 5 years to quickly speed up the pace. Speed up the pace is right, but the technology will be widening gap, because we started the right path. I often say that I have two nuclear weapons, the first is 160,000 yuan per ton of pure graphene, the second is more than 200 kinds of graphene combination. You can not be developed when I have great opportunities to achieve, you developed it, I use your formula to repeat, we cost you 0.01, left and right boxing out who can afford? Figure 6 is a field of Hebei oxidation process, Figure 7 is the dry process of Zhiyang, regardless of the gap between the production workshop space a few hundred times, our daily output is their 3 times.


Figure 6. Field of the redox process.


Figure 7. Dry technology of Allightec CO., LTD.


This is not enough, we are moving to the local university research group, with more graphene project success model to accumulate more application technology database, only through the "copy" model in order to accelerate the pace of industrialization of graphene. But the face of domestic scientific research and the gap between industry and education, is the problem I am more worried about. However, at present we have developed the application of technology, support a lot of traditional industries to achieve "import substitution" is no longer a problem, next year to see how Allightec soaring it.

2017-02-03 Sorry for the late arrival of allightec - #7. The key to the success of graphene application technology.
Looking back three years in the mainland to promote the industrialization of graphene, frankly see the whole of China in the rapid progress of the potential crisis, a city officials in Henan last night to pass a micro letter to me, said Taiwan has those advantages better than the mainland. In fact, some people say that these gaps are caused by history, which I am not allowed. I have a nephew in the primary school to come to Taiwan now have a small company in Suzhou, I asked him the biggest difference between Taiwan and the mainland where? He said is "moral", in turn, look at China's graphene a bunch of chaos can be seen.
The research and industrialization of graphene have occurred at an unprecedented rate in China, and the promotion of the government has played a large role; there is a lot of vacancy between academic research and industrialization. The government is not going to build bridges, but to build columns in the middle, making bridges easier. In the academic research and industrialization between the great vacancy, the gap is too large, the bridge will be long enough, the government is not to bridge, but in the middle of the column, to help bridge the work easier. The government invested funds to build a pillar to support a link between academic research and graphene industrialization of the bridge, the bridge is the production of graphene. One end of the bridge is academic research, the other side is the real industrialization. Now it can be said that the bridge almost made good, but can not say that the bridge made more.


Can make more companies concerned about graphene, there are many companies do not understand the graphene for their industry's great value. Through the government's call to encourage, more companies will be willing to buy graphene to test, add them to their own products to try to quickly expand the application of graphene.


You are facing the world market. Two days ago, I was still chatting with a Brazilian customer, who said they needed 40 tons of graphene, but did not know if it was possible because they produced only a few kilograms in the lab. I told him that you wanted 400 tons. This is China's position in the graphene industry, but also China's opportunities.


There are three errors here! First of all, it is no wonder that the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom each year took the EU and the British government how much graphene subsidies, it should be the world's leading mainland to become the world's first, but the fact is ... please see: https: // read01 .com / 2JEPM5.html. Second, the area of 7825 square meters of 5-storey building with the "redox method", the previous article has mentioned that this process is almost useless, we think they have not developed for the customer graphene application technology? But why did not see the advent of graphene products, which also refuted the "mass production" as a Chinese opportunity to say.


Third, let the enterprise to buy graphene to test in China is not no, from the front of the Mexican Mexican to the present sixth element are the result? Companies do not know how to use graphene, graphene companies do not know how to configure graphene for the product, I met almost all of the customers encountered this nightmare.


In addition, the experience of my exchange with the Government over the past few years tells me that although graphene is a central focus on the construction of the project, the so-called "small government, big market", even if you can not immediately help the local tax and employment population, Have to rely on the spectrum point to see the opportunity to achieve the product of it! If you really want to get the policy support is also OK, you find a fund side willing to invest you, someone I am at risk do not have to fear. So, do not use the mentality of government subsidies to go to the operation of the graphene industry, rely on the project can really commercialize the money, or can not be industrialized, it will be like all around the rush to promote graphene industrial park, spent a lot of money? Speechless


Wide application areas, just show the commercialization of graphene potential. For a new technology, the cost of this new material is declining, performance and application continue to improve, a rise and fall between the reach of a balance, began to be accepted by the market. Indeed, graphene research, industrialization and other important activities, in an unprecedented pace in China took place, the Government has played a significant role in promoting. The Chinese government to support the graphene industry has been about 3 years, Shandong, Jiangsu, Chongqing have invested a lot of money in this industry, but we have not found the success of the trick, where generous to Zhiyang can be large output The amount of graphene application technology to share with you.


What can be so proud? I will provide this chart, you will know our attempt.

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Here we step by step to explain the correct thinking to promote graphene technology. First of all, if the realization of graphene application technology alone, the preparation process and the latter part of the process of the importance of the proportion of how much? I think most of the preparation process: the latter part of the processing technology is 2: 8. Yes, previously mentioned: craft> structure> properties> performance, that is, even the best graphene, due to consider the dispersion and interface problems, through different processes will have different results. But this is also a good solution, that is, follow the existing outside business process can be.


As I put in front of a chart, the so-called: attitude determines the height. But this is not enough, the focus is in the development of this application technology, you want to improve what performance? What is your mechanism? So I adjusted the above ratio, the preparation process: the latter part of the processing technology: design logic = 2: 3: 5. Yes, the proportion of graphene material itself in the development process is so low! So you can imagine the "mass production" and "single layer of graphene" to do the development of enterprises or businesses simply do not get gas. We are to make available products to sell money, to improve the point is also very clear, you do not solve the problem from the core is to fight rogue.
These two days and get the sample of graphene mask, and this is the first to develop "antibacterial dressing" as an extension of the foundation. In the previous article I mentioned in 2014 has been tested out of the excellent antibacterial properties of graphene dressings, manufacturers are now entrusted to make a mask, but it is like another substrate, this is the application of technology charm, with a best component , Another substrate has become another product, like antibacterial coatings and antibacterial underwear is such a thinking, next time you see grapefruit hand milk, soap will not be surprised, as long as I dare to show that I have no problem.

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Finally, the real trick in addition to the above-mentioned heart, from the project started to scientific research, the actual processing of integration, this is irreplaceable. We asked the customer to send the substrate directly to the deployment of the appropriate graphene to the outsourcing plant to the appropriate process for processing, testing is not up to reconfigure graphene material, interlocking, this is another secret weapon it.

2017-02-03 Sorry for the late arrival of allightec - #6.Where the traces will be left and to share Allightec graphen road.
Looking back through the hard road of graphened, did not expect to start to make money, just want to solve the problem of LED cooling and the cause will enter this vast area. More than others into the field later, from the beginning of luck in two months to find cost-effective production of high quality graphene production technology; but also from the beginning to worry about only to find very little application surface, to now the vast sky feel what industry want to go try.
The first five articles of this series are talking about the contents of product development, I visited the government in recent months, customers found that even if the front has developed a variety of graphene can be converted products, but my time is limited, Only "copy" can meet my expectations. So, in the short term I will not go to the speech and development and application of technology, in turn, around the construction of graphene industry platform to local research and research energy to promote the transformation of China's industrial transformation of the catalyst role. The following is the Zhiyang technology on the local government and the introduction of partners, but also let you preview.

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Secondly, in the face of China's graphene chaos I decided to use "action" to prove everything! You still have to bear these ups and downs, the so-called chaos must appear evildoer. I still firmly believe: Do not just think of speculation, people will be watching you said every word, you have to face you every word that you have said.
Also set sentence advice friends: In fact, we all know that as long as the cost of graphene down to a wide range of applications, the palace is the most Niubi place in the low cost .... In fact, alone to achieve these are still not enough, only the upstream and downstream pipeline integration, access to scientific research, capital and local policy support, the development of Chinese characteristics of graphene industrialization, this is the most focus of the current efforts to promote.