Looking back three years in the mainland to promote the industrialization of graphene, frankly see the whole of China in the rapid progress of the potential crisis, a city officials in Henan last night to pass a micro letter to me, said Taiwan has those advantages better than the mainland. In fact, some people say that these gaps are caused by history, which I am not allowed. I have a nephew in the primary school to come to Taiwan now have a small company in Suzhou, I asked him the biggest difference between Taiwan and the mainland where? He said is "moral", in turn, look at China's graphene a bunch of chaos can be seen.
The research and industrialization of graphene have occurred at an unprecedented rate in China, and the promotion of the government has played a large role; there is a lot of vacancy between academic research and industrialization. The government is not going to build bridges, but to build columns in the middle, making bridges easier. In the academic research and industrialization between the great vacancy, the gap is too large, the bridge will be long enough, the government is not to bridge, but in the middle of the column, to help bridge the work easier. The government invested funds to build a pillar to support a link between academic research and graphene industrialization of the bridge, the bridge is the production of graphene. One end of the bridge is academic research, the other side is the real industrialization. Now it can be said that the bridge almost made good, but can not say that the bridge made more.


Can make more companies concerned about graphene, there are many companies do not understand the graphene for their industry's great value. Through the government's call to encourage, more companies will be willing to buy graphene to test, add them to their own products to try to quickly expand the application of graphene.


You are facing the world market. Two days ago, I was still chatting with a Brazilian customer, who said they needed 40 tons of graphene, but did not know if it was possible because they produced only a few kilograms in the lab. I told him that you wanted 400 tons. This is China's position in the graphene industry, but also China's opportunities.


There are three errors here! First of all, it is no wonder that the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom each year took the EU and the British government how much graphene subsidies, it should be the world's leading mainland to become the world's first, but the fact is ... please see: https: // read01 .com / 2JEPM5.html. Second, the area of 7825 square meters of 5-storey building with the "redox method", the previous article has mentioned that this process is almost useless, we think they have not developed for the customer graphene application technology? But why did not see the advent of graphene products, which also refuted the "mass production" as a Chinese opportunity to say.


Third, let the enterprise to buy graphene to test in China is not no, from the front of the Mexican Mexican to the present sixth element are the result? Companies do not know how to use graphene, graphene companies do not know how to configure graphene for the product, I met almost all of the customers encountered this nightmare.


In addition, the experience of my exchange with the Government over the past few years tells me that although graphene is a central focus on the construction of the project, the so-called "small government, big market", even if you can not immediately help the local tax and employment population, Have to rely on the spectrum point to see the opportunity to achieve the product of it! If you really want to get the policy support is also OK, you find a fund side willing to invest you, someone I am at risk do not have to fear. So, do not use the mentality of government subsidies to go to the operation of the graphene industry, rely on the project can really commercialize the money, or can not be industrialized, it will be like all around the rush to promote graphene industrial park, spent a lot of money? Speechless


Wide application areas, just show the commercialization of graphene potential. For a new technology, the cost of this new material is declining, performance and application continue to improve, a rise and fall between the reach of a balance, began to be accepted by the market. Indeed, graphene research, industrialization and other important activities, in an unprecedented pace in China took place, the Government has played a significant role in promoting. The Chinese government to support the graphene industry has been about 3 years, Shandong, Jiangsu, Chongqing have invested a lot of money in this industry, but we have not found the success of the trick, where generous to Zhiyang can be large output The amount of graphene application technology to share with you.


What can be so proud? I will provide this chart, you will know our attempt.

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Here we step by step to explain the correct thinking to promote graphene technology. First of all, if the realization of graphene application technology alone, the preparation process and the latter part of the process of the importance of the proportion of how much? I think most of the preparation process: the latter part of the processing technology is 2: 8. Yes, previously mentioned: craft> structure> properties> performance, that is, even the best graphene, due to consider the dispersion and interface problems, through different processes will have different results. But this is also a good solution, that is, follow the existing outside business process can be.


As I put in front of a chart, the so-called: attitude determines the height. But this is not enough, the focus is in the development of this application technology, you want to improve what performance? What is your mechanism? So I adjusted the above ratio, the preparation process: the latter part of the processing technology: design logic = 2: 3: 5. Yes, the proportion of graphene material itself in the development process is so low! So you can imagine the "mass production" and "single layer of graphene" to do the development of enterprises or businesses simply do not get gas. We are to make available products to sell money, to improve the point is also very clear, you do not solve the problem from the core is to fight rogue.
These two days and get the sample of graphene mask, and this is the first to develop "antibacterial dressing" as an extension of the foundation. In the previous article I mentioned in 2014 has been tested out of the excellent antibacterial properties of graphene dressings, manufacturers are now entrusted to make a mask, but it is like another substrate, this is the application of technology charm, with a best component , Another substrate has become another product, like antibacterial coatings and antibacterial underwear is such a thinking, next time you see grapefruit hand milk, soap will not be surprised, as long as I dare to show that I have no problem.

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Finally, the real trick in addition to the above-mentioned heart, from the project started to scientific research, the actual processing of integration, this is irreplaceable. We asked the customer to send the substrate directly to the deployment of the appropriate graphene to the outsourcing plant to the appropriate process for processing, testing is not up to reconfigure graphene material, interlocking, this is another secret weapon it.