Looking back through the hard road of graphened, did not expect to start to make money, just want to solve the problem of LED cooling and the cause will enter this vast area. More than others into the field later, from the beginning of luck in two months to find cost-effective production of high quality graphene production technology; but also from the beginning to worry about only to find very little application surface, to now the vast sky feel what industry want to go try.
The first five articles of this series are talking about the contents of product development, I visited the government in recent months, customers found that even if the front has developed a variety of graphene can be converted products, but my time is limited, Only "copy" can meet my expectations. So, in the short term I will not go to the speech and development and application of technology, in turn, around the construction of graphene industry platform to local research and research energy to promote the transformation of China's industrial transformation of the catalyst role. The following is the Zhiyang technology on the local government and the introduction of partners, but also let you preview.

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Secondly, in the face of China's graphene chaos I decided to use "action" to prove everything! You still have to bear these ups and downs, the so-called chaos must appear evildoer. I still firmly believe: Do not just think of speculation, people will be watching you said every word, you have to face you every word that you have said.
Also set sentence advice friends: In fact, we all know that as long as the cost of graphene down to a wide range of applications, the palace is the most Niubi place in the low cost .... In fact, alone to achieve these are still not enough, only the upstream and downstream pipeline integration, access to scientific research, capital and local policy support, the development of Chinese characteristics of graphene industrialization, this is the most focus of the current efforts to promote.