In front of my heart is surging, in addition to the successful operation of the city, can be held as scheduled graphene application technology will be outside. In the conductive plastic on the kneading technology breakthrough, in one fell swoop the chip resistance from 104 ohm/□ to 100 ohm/□, used to do anti-mask wire outside, that is: the real conductive polymer has been done with the metal and so on conductivity. Unique again and again reported that the powder coating from the second batch of 8.3W / mK and upgrade to 33.3W / mK.



Talk about the mechanism of heat, we talk about the calculation of this way. First, we measured the specific heat capacity of the graphene / epoxy resin by DSC to 1146J / kgK @25℃,

DSC 20170303

and obtained the following three data for spraying on the aluminum plate with the Netzsch Laser Thermal Conductivity Analyzer.

 K3844 3 in plate 20170303

 K3844 4 in plate 20170303

 K3844 5 in plate 20170303


In the heat transfer analysis, α = K ╱ ρ.C. (α: thermal diffusivity, K: thermal conductivity, ρ: density and C: specific heat capacity), samples are K3844-3 ╱ K3844-4 ╱ K3844-5. And then we introduce the thermal resistance formula: R = R1 + R2 = L1 ╱ K1 + L2 ╱ K2, followed by the formula into: 140 ╱ 165.0 = 40╱K3 + 1000╱196.66, then K3 = 33.3 W / m * K. Compared to the thermal diffusivity to know K3844-5 close to the value of aluminum.
You may not know how exciting this result is, which means that the polystyrene powder coating of Allightec is close to the heat dissipation effect of the metal, and the boundaries of the polymer will be redefined.