I said that I am currently actively preparing for the graphene technology conference, the purpose of nothing more than officially declared graphene industrialization started, with other industry is different, we will not emphasize the cost of graphene has been lower than RMB 0.2, not to mention how much graphene products have been completed in Yiyang, this time in addition to display from raw materials to process to the secondary processing of the production line, but also the introduction of graphene industry funds and the "China Graphene-valley" platform of China's graphene flagship program.


This should be the result of my past four years, my experience in more than 20 provinces told me that no rabbits do not eat eagle, only landing a real "base", seeing can only be trusted. Do not ask me why in Jiangxi, in fact, there are all inputs of graphene, I am a local outsider is how the local government may become buddy, only when I prove that I am the world's first, we will naturally take the initiative to find me, because I am not going to "exclusion" in "rescue".11


I discussed with Professor Xu who live in Qingdao last night, we all agree that the preparation of materials to determine the performance, that is, performance needs to be reflected through the process, but because the upstream material is not reliable, resulting in downstream technology is also get you down, these years of poor application and upstream material properties have a lot of relevance. It is precisely because Allightec has more than 200 kinds of graphene material combinations, are prepared under the physical dry process, so for any technology can be solved.


But I do not deny that I cannot be familiar with each industry or secondary processing technology, but I like "learning", prefer "Gung ho", the greater advantage I am from the industry to study, so we quickly converted the interface between the two communication language, coupled with willing to continue to test, and finally in the graphene products on a breakthrough. Do not ask me what graphene products are present, I am in control of the "application of technology", on the different "carrier" is different products. For example antibacterial on the paint is antibacterial paint, placed on the textile is antibacterial underwear, which will not be limited by the industrial life cycle.


Do not reveal our craft secret under the premise of the first to give you a tour it. First, the first echelon is the equipment, equipment shipped to Jiangxi in 1/24/2017


Production equipment arrived in Gongqingcheng city in 2/24/2017, customs clearance when a little delay but finally a false alarm.



Then we begin in to install in 3/2/2017, attached to the electric control box and workshop decoration photos.




And we complete the trial production in in 3/4/2017,  just two days to complete the trial production is by virtue of our equipment has been running for four years in Taiwan.



The second echelon is the exhibition hall. Then let's take a look at the interior decoration works, first of all the lobby of the large LED wall.



Followed by the exhibition hall design and pre-construction photos.




The third echelon is the website and corporate video, you can go to http://www.allightec.com to browse, this is my own operation, but also from my dedication to do anything, but limited resources, spend less money also have the effect I want.



Finally, we complete the electronic invitation last night, there are at least ten channels will pass this information out, we hope to invite all over the country, "production and management research fund" to witness Allightec in the graphene field absolute leadership. But the quota is only less 300, you can follow in the follow-up media reports to see our dynamic, but hope you be patient, Allightec passed over the country's 31 provinces and regions of the goal has not changed.