This year is the most comfortable year to me in nearly five years, because five years ago from my second venture so far, although around the way, but never deviated from the right path, finally the hard times are over. But also here we were formally declared to you: Allightec will lead the world into the era of graphene this year. May you guys think how can I feel so proud? Please be patient to listen to me.
I like everyone for the so-called domestic graphene experts feel puzzled, or that is to get some small laboratory results to speculation, or to their academicians on the title wanted to give advice on the graphene industry. In my opinion, these suggestions are nothing more than sit in a well and look at the heaven, do not go to understand the domestic graphene industry's ecology, if you ask me what is doing? I just want to hasten the commercialization of graphene technology, so that these experts shut up. In fact, the real hindered the industrialization of China's graphen development is these guys, just want to get government resources, why not from the market mechanism to think, if your graphene products make sense, the consumer's eyes are bright, how could policy not support you?
Therefore, Allightec decided in March this year, the results of like ducks swimming in the water in the past four years presented in front of people, not only graphene preparation process, and even secondary processing to graphene finished products to be released. Here first to illustrate a few strategic thinking to the core value of Allightec graphene platform:
First, all kinds of application technology requires different combinations of graphene materials, only a single process to meet the needs of various industries is not possible;
Second, we invite customers to provide the substrate, only to meet the various needs of the material "modified", does not change the customer's existing process, naturally reduce the customer into the graphene industry threshold;

Third, we will proceed further from the upstream raw materials, on the one hand from the current per ton of RMB.16 million down to RMB.50,000, the material portfolio from 200 to 300;

Fourthly, the construction of "China graphene valley" in various regions will be further combined with the market, the policy, the research group and the fund.

Fifth, through the "graphene industry alliance", "graphene Institute", "graphene industrial park" trilogy to implement the industrialization of graphene in China.
A lot of friends in China worry for me, and so the idea will be tempted to learn to go. I do not worry about this point, I often say that unless you have more than 200 species of graphene material, but also like us are squatting at the foundry to discuss the secondary processing technology for 3 years, plus you use three years to do every sample solidly, otherwise you can nevery catch up. And I did not tell you that even if they use three years to catch up with Allightec, three years we have developed to what stage? Let us continue to look down.

The conference og application technology will invite 300 guests to participate, will mobilize nearly 15 provinces covering the production and administration of all walks of life to Gongqing City in Jiangxi, to understand our leading position, is also expected to invite two television stations and ten network media to strengthen the report. At present, the preparatory work is carried out separately. The equipment from Taiwan has been shipped and can be completed before the commissioning ceremony at the end of February.




Media release commissioned a good friend Beijing zebra media planning, expert a shot let me amazing.




In addition, as the new website and corporate short film will be debut. Then you say that I come from the confidence, have the ability to call so many people to Jiangxi, this is nothing more than our graphene products more reliable, can be put into production directly, the scope of coverage: materials, livelihood, green energy and biomedical, almost all of the imagination of the products we can achieve.

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Of course, for the next five years, including planning, strategy and products have been laid out, and so the application of technology will be implemented one by one, I believe that these actions will make some so-called graphene experts quiet for some time.