The first batch of graphene⁄PP polymer made of diaphragm test pieces found that mechanical properties are limited. Hastened to coordinate the diaphragm maker in Yima city again to provide PP plastic sent to Taiwan for the second kneading, but also get a good response in good faith, the only biggest problem is the courier time to spend too long. I would like to sooner or later in a few projects to confirm cooperation, in the local production base and R & D center is a thorough solution.

The second batch in the trial when the use of graphene oxide, although the intrinsic mechanical properties of graphite than much difference, but think of functional base bond graphene and polymer should be a good way, this time were 0.1/0.5/1.0 Wt% to mix, in fact, RMB.0.8 per gram to 0.8 yuan to calculate the basic increase in less than the cost of the first batch of improvement in the tensile strength of less than 10%, or even elongation is also smaller, I think the second batch There must be better results.

Wang Zhengjun (2015) pointed out that the tensile strength and impact strength of GO / PP composites were 37.7 MPa and 4.4 kJ / m, respectively, when the mass fraction of filler GO was 0.1 wt%. , Compared with the base PP were increased by 17% and 5.8%. Yesterday I received a customer order for the second batch of GO / PP replicas for the mechanical properties of the test data sorted as follows, we show through the graphene reoxidation of graphene, than the traditional redox method of graphene in the mechanical performance better (See Table 1). The point is that our costs are still lower. 

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These two batches of PP plastic provided by the customer are Korean oil H301f, melt index: 2.8 ± 0.4g / 10min, Tg = 140 ± 5 ℃, DSC peak temperature = 168 ± 3 ℃. And PP processing conditions for the 220 ~ 230 ℃, die back pressure = 40kg. And the first batch of graphene / PP complex we find professional mixing masterbatch factory foundry, send the film into the factory made of test pieces, but poor data. So I really doubt Kuilla (2010) with an average diameter of 1μm graphene melt mixing method to enhance the PP substrate strength of 133% of the argument. I use 20μm in addition to the same, the other are the same! Figure 1 is the first batch of GE / PP test pieces completed at 2016/8/26, Table 2 is the first batch of test data. The diafiltration threshold was 0.5 wt%.



Some scholars have suggested that the sheet-like rigid graphene will limit the polymer chain, making slippage difficult, is the main reason for the increase in modulus; but too much added to the disorder caused by dispersion in the polymer, affecting the polymer chain arrangement, but Decrease in crystallinity. In addition to the second batch into the addition of graphene oxide, we try 0.1/0.5/1.0 wt% try.

The second batch of graphene made of GO/PP composite to let me out of the dead, we are in the preparation of grained graphene than graphene more complex times. The graphene is acidified after 2 hours to obtain a functional group, but it is still water after lyophilization because the graphene oxide is soaked by the -OH group and has to be redone again. But how to stack the oxide graphene block crushed into powder, we bought a Taiwan homogenizer, the results of graphene too tough, the blade is blunt, and finally completed 100 grams of graphene oxide powder.

Second, in the mixing masterbatch to go through the water to cool, the results in the 0.1wt% of the masterbatch even water vapor, although only 2 kg, I had to spend some time to dry, the results occurred as shown in Figure.2. The appearance of the glass, but also after the detection of mechanical is not bad.


I frankly told the customer to explain this phenomenon, also asked him to multi-point sampling test, last night he provided a total of 26 points on-line testing, statistics, two batches of test results in Table 1, in the show graphene composite material in the mechanical performance In the graphene composite.

Considering the painful preparation of oxidized graphene, I have thought of a more cost-effective process and are preparing for the seventh-generation dry process afterwards, and if feasible, the combination of Zhiyang's graphene material will be increased from the existing 200 breaths to More than 300 models, the cost will be reduced to RMB.0.05 per gram, than I now buy conductive carbon black is also cheaper, you say, the experts of those who say graphene industrialization have to wait a few years, is not it mad?