In July, we talked about adding 5 wt% graphene to epoxy resin could up to a thermal conductivity of 5.0 W / mK. Such a good product was originally made for a graphite graphene factory in Changzhou, the results because they are relatively close to another powder factory, I think there is some cooperation in the risk of technology leakage, so decisively stop the two sides to send the follow-up Like test.

Can not stop it! We by visiting customers in Henan to provide two large enterprises to do the sample, in August to do a good job of graphene powder coating sent to each other to verify the results of the situation again and again. These two are not professional paint manufacturers, the beginning of the paint sent to the school testing, turned out to be polymer crushed powder after the thermal conductivity, God! Should not be sprayed on the aluminum plate to measure the final thermal conductivity? So, even the manufacturers have not seen non-professional areas have a profound study. At this stage there is a customer is not very positive to no longer follow their progress.

Should be able to work properly? The results of the school even reflect their purchase of the test equipment is measured thermal insulation material, the maximum thermal conductivity can not exceed 2, it is really bumpy! I have the opportunity to move, so be it, you first spray the paint on the aluminum, but also the way to spray your best paint in the same paragraph aluminum, and empty aluminum sent me here to test, I just want to know whether the other side of the application process Consistent with us. It was sent to Taiwan in October.

I miss the three types of test pieces to the research institutions to wear Chi thermal conductivity test, the results need to correct the instrument, I am afraid that short-term can not be carried out. God, who am I provoking? Quickly to the three-inch tongue to help friends, he said only returned to the original German test, which is a good thing, this approach is more objective, third party notarized information is correct. 12/13 day attached to the other test data attached, anxious I immediately calculated the graphene coating with the customer ceramic coating in the thermal conductivity of the difference.

Figure.1 customer ceramic thermal coating thermal conductivity data.


Figure.2 Thermal conductivity data for graphene thermal coatings.


Figure.3 Aluminum thermal conductivity data.



It can be seen that the improvement of the Z-axis direction is limited, but it is very impressive in the X-Y axis. We are easy to calculate the list.

 20161213 copy

Then, we introduce the thermal resistance formula: R = R1 + R2 = L1 ╱ K1 + L2 ╱ K2, followed by the formula: 140 ╱ 105.94 = 40 ╱ K1 + 1000 ╱ 196.66, then K graphene = 8.5 W ╱ m * K. Likewise, K ceramic = 7.1 W / m * K.

The first batch of thermal conductivity is 5.0 W / m * K, this time again doubled, you say how do I not overjoyed it! However, these are a piece of cake, Zhiyang has been in the production of graphene production equipment to the Communist Youth League, the first quarter of next year if you have the opportunity to see our company, you can see from the powder production to two or three processing Continuous production line. Who said to 2020 can be done graphene industrialization, we have long been done, but we choose to do nothing low.