Some media attent recently appeared a lot of graphene topics, there is the media to ask my views. In fact, each process has its advantages and disadvantages, the focus is that you find the material and application technology matching relationship did not? And its boast that monolithic graphene can be good, I just tell the truth can see the real chapter, that is, this process as early as in 2002 has applied for a patent, but why has not come up with application products? Why did some people in 2012 as the right way group executive director and vice chairman, set up in 2014, Lianyungang Road, gravel application technology research institute, but in the same year for some reason to leave the group. The cooperation of the South China gravel company in Taichung in 2013 announced that it can produce 300 metric tons of graphene, but it is curious that the past three years in Taiwan have no application of the product, the factory is listed in Taiwan (Sanhuang Chemical) announcement At present, polystyrene products to send large customer verification, 2016 prejudgment can not create revenue.

Ironically, the same source of graphene material, suddenly in Huaxi energy speculation topic, the light to sell monolithic graphene can be in just four months can be shipped to China 50 metric tons, to create revenue of RMB. 250 million. What is this "affiliated transaction"? Is the Chinese so cheat? Anyway, we will wait and see, see how they justify it. 

In fact, the previous article said two key points, first, with a kind of graphene material can not be developed everywhere; second, the current graphene industry is the so-called single layer is sacrificing the excellent physical properties of the eye, many products less than And the cost is not cheap. Here we are a bit chuckle, as early as 2015 we have confirmed the development of graphene application technology blueprint, lists the twenty-six kinds of application technology, this also developed a variety of dry preparation process, until the seventh generation of technology officially debut, Allightec CO., LTD will be far aside opponents, and truly lead the world's leading position in graphene technology.41


We can see that we are in the graphene polymer composite material has matured, but other areas because there is no relevant market companies favor, so has been stagnant. But I did not idle this time at least read thousands of documents and patents to further technology and application technology to be a link.



Seeing next year will be published Zhiyang technology in the application of graphene the results of technology, I spent some time finishing more details of the graphene product planning, which is what we want to give the gift of the whole of China. Then I can concentrate on the practice of this event, as these demons and ghosts on the matter by them, anyway, they can flicker the public time is gone.












Did not think of it, graphene can make all the products! This bit asked me to ask my graphene-related journalists very straightforward, because graphene so "Guards", so do not believe that you can make so many applications! In fact, I just according to the theory to design graphene combination, because I have plenty of graphene material database, plus I am familiar with the way the market processing, so I can tell you loudly: graphene era has come.