October ran from the mainland just ten days back to Taiwan, this time also ran a few cities in four provinces, I finally put down the burden of the heart, officially announced to you the era of China's graphene industry officially started running! No matter how many places recently issued the establishment of graphene production, application base, I have it as a "joke" point of view, will focus on the center of Allightec CO., LTD (China) in the first quarter of next year, a national publication, Magic, chaos anyway. Admitted that through the three days of hard road on the development of China's graphene is disappointed! Not only graphene industry do not seek progress, including local governments, listed companies to scientific research units are impetuous. Can invest a lot of money but no effect, you can let the concept of graphene goods speculation to become "monster stock", long-term development of the whole of China is a major injury.

The past six months I participated in a number of national forums to do the speech, when I was busy with a sample that Allightec how the world, now everyone is boiling, and even the same as the speaker with me three times, Asked me a graphene characterization of the problem after convinced, we agree that there are unique. After the meeting I mostly surrounded by the audience asked how do I do? Want to cooperate with me, and even help me. But I have not been deceived, only know the two hard words: first, graphene material is supporting the application of technology to sell graphene material is self-suicide; second, we all know the development of graphene application The importance of technology, which has nothing to do with your "much capacity" graphene, and you have "how many" graphene related. But unfortunately the real experience of this meaning is really not much. Figure 1. Military and civilian dual-use carbon material forum speech scene graphene products show.


This month I began to decline to participate in all kinds of speeches, because only I am a person is hard to do the graphene industry, most of them still talk about the concept, how to prepare graphene, but a graphene products are not out. Why bother? Has been mocking graphene industrialization but also a few years, do not care about Zhiyang has helped customers develop more than 40 kinds of graphene products, soldiers under the city is still self intoxicated. This is the advice of the graphene industry.


In addition, for these speculation graphene stocks listed companies are more shameless, even they want to contact me also thank not sensitive. Do not think that they now have money to want to play "mergers and acquisitions", who has the technology and materials is the boss, you have no technical level, you can do?

As for the local government is also the victim, China has invested in graphene most active, but now what? Harm to other local government lack of confidence, coupled with changes in the political atmosphere, the prevalence of real graphene and then put into the industrialization, which also be unworthy. However, it is no wonder that these officials, they are afraid of silicene industry fans fear, blame can only blame ourselves not live up to expectations!


The first few articles mentioned Allightec from 2014 began to contact graphene, we have spent only 5 million yuan has been the world's first. The real trick is actually the industry as their own "Vocation" to do, there is no production equipment we have outsourcing, no R & D team we do production and cooperation, there is no testing equipment, we asked the school to help. We focus on the development of various types of graphene materials, the integration of the market and the planning of production processes, the most cumbersome and most costly things entrusted to the task force implementation, and then based on the results of the pipeline to develop products, the first assembly of these resources and government and funds Strategic cooperation platform, back to support these task groups to create a win-win situation.


This involves: raw material preparation  secondary processing  application technology. In order to stabilize the confidence of the cooperation pipeline, we ask the other side to provide the substrate we have to deal with, and then provide samples verified by the other side, of course, we have already confirmed before the cost of the problem, when the two sides to sign a strategic cooperation framework, we can immediately to materials, Equipment, the whole plant output floor, then the framework of cooperation between the two sides to integrate funds and policies is much easier.


In contrast to the past, graphene industry is how to play? Not the traditional "investment" model, that is, local governments to raise financial funds to build graphene industrial park, with preferential policies to attract all kinds of industries into the graphene park. Is there a problem with the lack of "technology"? The role of the government is not a wealthy boy, your graphene products in the market is not competitive, even if you lose investment, the government should follow the funeral. However, the industry also had the words, if the government is not the endorsement of the entire graphene industry chain integrity, how can I put the money to the water to throw? It seems that everyone is in a "dead end"!


It is through this bit by bit, I put down the speech and the way around the project docking, with the establishment of the Ganjiang New Area after the Zhiyang graphene as the core industry opportunities, I decided to no longer like the past monks like to promote graphite I used to attract the parties to join the platform of Zhiyang China, which I was temporarily prepared to visit the Ministry of Science and Technology booth.


Figure 2. Allightec CO., LTD (China) graphene products show.


Figure 3. Graphene 5 kinds of dry preparation process composition of more than 200 kinds of materials, can be used in 26 categories.


Figure 4. The substrate is made by the customer after mixing and secondary processing made of graphene "intermediate.


Figure 5. Processed into graphene products according to the customer's existing processes and specifications. Planning into materials, people's livelihood, energy, health four categories.


You may not know that there are many products here as early as 2014 on the successful development. And these products line open, but even any domestic graphene industrial park, and even the British University of Manchester are hopeless! But there are a lot of people do not know the Chinese people have done this and so on, so we fully in the first quarter of next year to achieve the world to see.


Have a friend reminded me: technology leading 5 years to quickly speed up the pace. Speed up the pace is right, but the technology will be widening gap, because we started the right path. I often say that I have two nuclear weapons, the first is 160,000 yuan per ton of pure graphene, the second is more than 200 kinds of graphene combination. You can not be developed when I have great opportunities to achieve, you developed it, I use your formula to repeat, we cost you 0.01, left and right boxing out who can afford? Figure 6 is a field of Hebei oxidation process, Figure 7 is the dry process of Zhiyang, regardless of the gap between the production workshop space a few hundred times, our daily output is their 3 times.


Figure 6. Field of the redox process.


Figure 7. Dry technology of Allightec CO., LTD.


This is not enough, we are moving to the local university research group, with more graphene project success model to accumulate more application technology database, only through the "copy" model in order to accelerate the pace of industrialization of graphene. But the face of domestic scientific research and the gap between industry and education, is the problem I am more worried about. However, at present we have developed the application of technology, support a lot of traditional industries to achieve "import substitution" is no longer a problem, next year to see how Allightec soaring it.