May 25, 2017 Fair debut, as a big data industry event, several fair to continue to focus on large data exploration and application, a total of more than 300 exhibitors, for everyone to bring more than 1,000 of the latest Technological innovation and achievement. In this number of fair, including small i, 360, Tencent and other enterprises have released the latest scientific research and related products. May 27, as the most important event of the number of fair, 2017 "top ten black technology" officially released. It is understood that this release of the "top ten black technology" is well-known media reports at home and abroad, the CAS and other scientific research institutions recommended and exhibitors recommended three ways to collect more than 200 technology and applications, by the number of fair organizing committee invited the guests to form an expert committee, selected out.


"Black Technology" covers a total of 5 major categories of artificial intelligence, big data technology and application, medical and health, intelligent industry and innovative creative category. The expert committee is dedicated to its purpose, change, novelty, advancement and value. Five dimensions of evaluation. In the end, Xiaoi's emotional robot, Royole's flexible display, the Chinese light quantum computer, ZTE's black box junction terminal, Haier's driverless unattended energy-saving central air conditioning, Beepower intelligent network platform,HYDATA's lip recognition Technology, 360's thinking firewall, Allighec's flexible mobile phone, Jingdong's 3D products show, we show out from the others, as 2017 " Top ten black technology."